Early Years Programs

Come to join our morning circle time! Let’s build children’s strength through play! Songs, books, and teacher-led activities provide parents with fun tips and tools they can take home. We have gymnastic toys for children to develop their physical skills like balance and coordination.

After School Programs

The play cube now has after school programs! Our after school program includes but not limited to Reading, math, Robotic, arts and material arts. Our qualified teachers will provide your kids with a fun and learning time. It is a perfect program for your kids to learn something instead of turning into a small couch potato.

Programs will start from January 2019.

Call (905) 851-0110 for more information and get the early birds discount.


We also have:


Holiday Camps 

Field Trip for Schools

Program 1

PHD Taekwondo

P: Perseverance, Persistence, Progress.

H: Harmony, Humbleness, Honesty.

D: Discipline, Direction, Diversity.

Master Reez

At PHD Taekwondo, we teach WTF Olympic Style Taekwondo, including Sparring, Kicks, Hand techniques, Self-defense, Weapons, Breaking techniques, Gymnastic and Yoga moves, and Meditation.

Master Reez strictly but respectfully focuses on disciplines and code of conduct to help our PHD Taekwondo participants to achieve the true spirts of Martial Artists.

Our students will learn how to be better than we were yesterday by standing up, no matter how many times we fall. Therefore, we will understand that the meaning of winning is not quitting.

Through this journey, Taekwondo will become a habit as we repeatedly do and we will absorb and follow our strength and power.