Parents Relieve Program

You may have an appointment you cannot afford to miss or just want a quiet time. You may want to join friends for a couple of hours for a bite or coffee time, take advantage of our program


  • We would be glad to look after them in our supervised playground facility, where they will be engaged in fun and creative activities and make them ready for a quiet and relaxing time at home.
  • This program is ideal for parents and available for children 6 months+.
  • Service is for a minimum one hour and maximum of three hours. Booking can be made over the phone by calling (905)851-0110.
  • Parents will be required to present child’s health card or health card number during first visit and complete information/waiver form.
  • We maintain a capacity of 5 children at any good time to ensure your child gets the best attention.
  • Please be punctual and arrive on time for drop off and pick up, to avoid a possible late fee.
  • Bring in diapers, wipes, snacks, change clothes and Sippy cup.

Please call us directly on 905 851 0110 to reserve your spot.


  • Weekdays
  • $25 Per hour
  • Prices are subject to applicable HST

This is a wonderful program that enables parents to enjoy some desired time off.
Feel free to call us on 905 851 0110, or email us on if you have any questions.